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Creative Writing

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Time is so fast,
Now is already the past.
I try to be on the dot,
But if you look for me, I am still at the parking lot.

How is time so slow when I'm bored,
8 hours at night? I'm completely floored!
How is time so fast when I'm working,
Woohoo! Another IV cannula I'm inserting.

It's not that I'm not looking at the clock,
In fact, I'm always staring at it like a hawk!
I'll start getting serious when the minute says zero or five,
Because if it's any other number, you won't see me strive

So understand me when I say I was surprised,
After I looked at the calendar and realized,
That we are now on our fourth year
Just a little bit more and we are in the clear!

I'm thankful for those I met along the way,
As they never failed to make my day.
Some of which I can say,
Helped me become who I am today.

Oh wow, look at the time!
It's almost 11:59
I think that's enough lines
Time to send this poem of mine...

- Abudharr Ghifarri Gandamra Lucman