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Creative Writing

For my family.

As I am close to go to the abyss,
I saw something that's quite amiss.
And then I cried with trembling lips,
as I hear the clock reversing ticks.

My sibling's joy when they see me home,
I feel happiness coming from unknown.
When I'm gone, they'll be left alone,
and I wish I could've seen them all grown.

And my mother although she always yell,
and everything at home is like a hell.
But I always thought to myself, but couldn't tell,
I love her, and it aches to say farewell.

Life cannot be lived without love,
Like a bird that can’t fly without wings above,
It can be a shelter like a hand with a glove,
Ending a tiring day with a routine of self-love.

Amazing things hide because of negative reactions,
but you can’t satisfy all the people’s satisfactions.
Just be proud of what and who you are,
Make your wounds be lessons and inspire from a scar.

You are beautifully broken, to fit mystery’s missing piece,
As you accept who you are, people’s acceptance will increase,
A broken face is better than a hollow mind,
Appreciate who you are, because remember you are carefully designed.

- Jasmine Carel Reyes