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Creative Writing

A Silent Rebellion

A Silent Rebellion

From youth's embrace, she heard but praise,
For being the good, the wise - “beyond her age”.
Yet somewhere in between, a feeling subtly missed.
Where a yearning for innocence, silently exists.

Where milestones emerged prematurely,
Each step, a well-intentioned leap towards maturity.
A life scripted, penned meticulously with an invisible quill.
With no room for spontaneous dances of unpredictability.

Perhaps that's why fear clings to the choices she makes,
like an unwelcome companion - it lingers in her wake.
As if navigating a labyrinth, where every turn has consequences,
and the walls bear witness to the yearning for fearless abandon.

In the theater of her own making,
the pressure becomes a relentless performance with no end.
A spotlight casting shadows of her inner turmoil.
To please the expectations of a demanding audience.

Yet beneath this facade of virtue,
beneath the stoic expression of a role that is effortlessly well-played, 
There exists a little girl with a desire to break free,
who longs to dance in the rain and embrace vulnerability.

In this life she chose, where authenticity hides.
Buried beneath layers of conformity amid shifting tides, 
She wishes to harmonize not just with the melody of other voices,
but with the genuine beat that her heart desires.

- Andrianna Dawn Merced