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Creative Writing

Beyond this Life

Beyond this Life

Everything changed in the blink of an eye,
An immense wave of sadness washes over me,
Like the ocean that weeps in silent tears,
I saw a reflection of my deepest fears.

For losing someone close to the heart,
Have shattered me into a million pieces,
Though I would never understand your disappearance, 
Our hearts will forever long for your presence.

As your plane travels through the sky,
As you navigate the world and feel the clouds below,
And as you soar through the heavens,
Your passion, aspirations, and love always transcends. 

Watching the glorious sun drowning on the horizon,
Remembering how like life, it has an inevitable end,
Each passing day may be a struggle without you,
I yearn that someday I can share this life again with you.

As seasons come and go, I keep this hope and hold you close,
As I gaze at the stars above, you are the guiding light through the darkest nights,
Forever connected, though the world took us apart, 
For in this lifetime and next, you will always have a piece of my heart.

- Anonymous