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Creative Writing

The Dream

The Dream

In a world where healing is the dream,  
My journey starts, a hopeful beam.  
With sleepless nights, and days so long,  
In every struggle, I grow strong.

Hard work and pressure, grades to chase,  
In every challenge, I find my place.  
Uncertain moments, doubts arise,  
But in my heart, the dream never dies.

Then come the highs, the goals in sight,  
Helping others, day and night.  
Caring for those in need, so true,  
My calling fits like a glove, anew.

Listening, sharing, a kind word,  
In every story, I have heard.  
Supporting patients, through highs and lows,  
In this journey, faith steadfastly grows.

A dream of healing, loving, and caring,  
Brings light to those in need of sharing.  
In the journey of care, I find my way,  
Making a difference, every day.

- Anonymous