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Creative Writing


In life you will experience love that is lost
with loss comes the 5 stages of grief 
the first is Denial 

Denial is my favorite 
its the pillow in front of the pistol
the makeshift silencer that will shatter your heart
but the broken pieces will not clatter against the ground 
so you won't notice and it won't matter 

Denial is the soft baby blanket that cradles you in death's arms 
Denial is the soft kiss on a fresh bruise 
Denial means I don't have to choose me instead of you 

Denial is easy 
I accept the roses with the thorns 
the house with the locked doors 
the sweets that turn sour when sucked on too long 
instead I pack my worth away
and accept whatever worth you give me
when I look at those girls i will know 
that I will never be like them 
and that's why you will resent me
but hide it with expensive gifts and holiday trips 
and I love you obligations 

But I willing give you mine 
because I still believe it 
because I'm still in denial 
because I still love you

- Maya Kriel