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Creative Writing

Just Getting By

Just Getting By

Each day, I feel as if I’m just getting by
Without a direction, nor a purpose,  just trying to comply.
With the endless demands of life that cannot be simplified,
I fight to stay on the ground and let out a cry.

In the midst of uncertainties, I’m still just getting by
Where was the old me who always chose to soar high?
It seems as if everyone around me is getting dissatisfied 
Since I am lost, without a fighting spirit and a drive.

Reality is too cruel to beautify,
These are just bad moments passing by.
Perseverance and resilience are where it lies
For a person who is just getting by.

I refuse to just be getting by,
The fuel in me hasn’t run dry.
The pursuit of passion and success never dies.
Fly high, butterfly.
There are no limits in the sky.

- Anonymous