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Creative Writing

It's real

The first step isn't the most difficult,, 
But the one you take half the way,,
Where you can no longer see the shore where you started,,
Nor the one you're heading towards,, 
Where you're not sure if this journey is worth all this fighting,
Or if it's time to go back and start over,, 
Where your map no longer makes sense,,
Nor does the direction your campus is showing,,
Where your wings are holding tight to a belief you no longer have faith in,, 
Where your shoulders start cracking,
And your bag becomes as heavy as the world,,
Where the stars no longer smile,
each pointing at a way,, 
Where your heart and mind no longer fight,
rather they're both silent,,
Where you're having a million thoughts,
doubting what and who you are,, 
Where your favourite song turns into nothing more than a vague rhythm,, 
Where your special dance no longer has clear moves,, 
Where you can't stop,
you can't stay, 
you can't go back,
nor continue ahead, 
where you're nowhere, 
yet can't be called lost,,
No help to come, 
no hand will hold yours, 
no whispers will give you a hint, 
..Yet no matter which way you choose to take,,
there’s always something more,
cos no matter how vague the universe may seem, 
no matter how unclear the voices around you are, 
no matter how dark, how grey, 
how "unknowable" everything may seem,, 
there's one clear truth:
that you are real,,
and whatever choice you make.. is real,,
whatever truth you wish to create.. is real,, 
your strengths, 
your uniqueness, 
your abilities, 
your magic, 
your battles, 
your scars, 
your beauty,, is real,, 
YOU.. are real!

                                          - Daniah Moreno