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Creative Writing



Thy rose is an exquisite epitome of love
It captivates one’s soul to feel alive
Just a glance of her beauty pierces thy heart
She encompasses power, strength and desire

Her petals gloriously blooms as the sunrise
A blinding light that strikes thy sight
Her roots thy hands nurture in the morning
You awoke each day pondering of her

She gracefully dances in tune with the wind
She nestles on her soil unbothered by the rain  
With no fear, she listens to the roaring sounds of thunder
Gazing at the night sky, she embraces its darkness

Days had gone by, it came the scorching heat
Her delicate petals suddenly withered
The brilliance in her eyes are no longer to be seen
The sound of her voice remains an echo in your head

Thy rose is indeed an exquisite epitome of love
She captivates your soul, only to stay for a while
You reminisce her memory though it pierces your heart
And as you continue to embrace her, you bleed by her thorns

- Cyrille Cuala