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APA Referencing

Citing sources in APA format


Use the webpage reference format only for those works that cannot be categorized as journal article, book, report, or as some other category of document type. Although many documents are found through websites, not everything found on a website is a webpage (see APA, 2019a, p. 282, note 9.2). Once you have decided whether the webpage format is to be used, the next issues are authorship and date.

Webpage: Author and Date Variations

Format: Author, A. B., & Author, C. D. (year or date). Title of document. Website Name If Different Than the Author. http://xxxxxxxxxx

Example 1 - Individual author

Hanan, N. A. (2018, May 18). Adjustments for diabetic patients during the fasting month of Ramadan. MIMS Today. 

Example 2 - organizational author

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. (2019, April 5). What is mental health?

The author of a webpage might be a person or an organization.

Example 3 - no date 

Sidra Medicine. (n.d.). Patients' bill of rights and responsibilities.

Use the abbreviation n.d. instead of date. Be aware that the copyright date in the webpage footer most likely applies to the whole website, not necessarily to the specific page being cited. If the page footer says "last updated" or "published on," use those dates for the page. In this example there is no clear date of publication for the webpage (see APA, 2019a, p. 289, note 9.13). 

Example 4 - no author

Diabetes and Yoga. (2019, January 15).

If there is no personal or organization as author, use the title of the document as the author.

Webpage: With Retrieval Date

Retrieval dates are given when a page is updated continuously with current information (APA, 2019a, p. 290, note 9.16).

Format: Author, A. B., & Author, C. D. (year or date). Title of document. Website Name If Different Than the Author. Retrieved Month Day, Year, from http://xxxxxxxxxx

Example 4 - online dictionaries and encyclopedias are updated continuously

Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Compassion. In dictionary. Retrieved January 16, 2020 from

Example 5 - webpages that present up-to-date statistical information

World Health Organization (n.d.). The global health observatory: Qatar. Retrieved December 2, 2019, from



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