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APA Referencing

Citing sources in APA format

Reports and Grey Literature

Reports are formatted similarly to books; however, they are typically shorter and more focused than books.

Reports are most often authored by organizations and sometimes include an assigned number (given in parentheses after the title of the work).

The following examples show a government report and non-government agency report. In both examples, the agency or department that authored the report is listed as author, and the umbrella organization is presented as publisher. 

When formatting your report references, choose the example below that best matches the report you are referencing. Further examples of report references can be found on the APA style blog at this link as well as this link.

**If a report does not have an number, you should put a full-stop after the title of the report and continue writing the reference without a number.



Author/Name of Group. (Year, Month Day). Title of report (Report No. ###). Publisher Name. https://xxxxxxxxxx

Example 1 - Government Report

Ministry of Public Health. (n.d.). National health strategy 2018-2022. State of Qatar.

Note: The State of Qatar is the overseeing entity so it is placed in publisher position. The agency directly responsible for the content is placed in author position (see APA, p. 288, note 9.11). 

Example 2 - Non-Government Agency

World Health Assembly 71. (‎2018)‎. Health, environment and climate change: Report by the Director-General (A71/10). World Health                              Organization.

Example 3 - Grey Literature with Description of Document

Canadian Nurses Association. (2016, November). Clinical nurse specialist [Position statement]. 


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