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APA Referencing

Citing sources in APA format

Journal articles

Today, most journal articles are accessed online through the Internet or library databases.

Because of this, elements of a journal article reference will include volume and issue number which refer to print versions AS WELL AS digital identification information. Most articles have an assigned "digital object identifier" (DOI) that is the preferred link to be included in a journal article reference.

When formatting your journal article references, choose the example below that best matches the article you are referencing. Further examples of journal article references can be found on the APA style blog at this link.


Journal Article With a DOI Number

Format:  Author, A. (Publication date). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume(issue), page numbers.

Example: Hickey, J. E., Pryjmachuk, S., & Waterman, H. (2016). Mental illness research in the Gulf Cooperation Council: A scoping review. Health Research Policy & Systems14,1-14. 


Journal Article Without a DOI Number

If a journal article does not have a DOI number, provide a URL only if that URL is to an online journal or webpage and the link will take the reader directly to the article. Never provide a URL if the link goes to a library database (e.g., MEDLINE, CINAHL).

Online Journal or Organizational Webpage

Format: Author, A. (Publication date). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume (issue), page numbers. http://www.xxxxxx

Example: Benson, C. (2015). A year on: A critical reflection on entering the world of practice development. International Practice Development Journal, 5(1), 1-8.

Database Such as MEDLINE or CINAHL

Format: Author, A. (Publication date). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume (issue), page numbers.

Example: Fung, B. K., Ho, S. M., Fung, A. S., Leung, E. Y., Chow, S. P., Ip, W. Y., Ha, K. W., & Barlaan, P. I. (2011). The development of a strength-focused mutual support group for caretakers of children with cerebral palsy. East Asian Archives of Psychiatry, 21(2), 64-72. 


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