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Writing Style

Paragraph Structure (¶)

Organize your paragraphs to help your reader(s) follow your thoughts and understand your main points.

Well-written paragraphs should 

 If a paragraph does not do these two things, your paper may be difficult to understand, and your teacher(s) may think you do not understand the topic of your assignment.


A paragraph is a group of sentences that support one main idea.

In general, paragraphs consist of three parts:

  • a topic sentence
  • body sentences
  • a concluding or a bridge sentence to the next paragraph or section

Paragraph Problems

Most problems with paragraphs are due to content or organization.

  • Problems with content are usually due to the paragraph having more than one main idea or having no main idea.
  • Problems with organization are usually due to how ideas are arranged or connected within a paragraph.



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A printable handout outlining paragraph structure, unity, and coherence can be found below.

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