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Writing Style

Spelling (sp)

Spelling is important because it helps make ideas clear in your writing.

Three Helpful Tools

  1. The main tool you should use when finding the right word and its correct spelling is a print or online dictionary. Several good dictionaries are available online.
  2. The spelling and grammar check function in Microsoft Word is a helpful tool. However, remember that the spellchecker is not 100% accurate because it only checks for spelling of words, not if they are the correct words for the sentence. For instance, the spellchecker will accept these similar words in any sentence even though their meanings are different: whetherweather; write / right; hear / here.
  3. You can also use the e-Rater function in Turnitin to provide you with a grammar report. 


More Information
Handout:  "Setting up the Spell Check Function in Microsoft Word

Oxford Learner's Dictionary (Online) - Find much more than definitions! This dictionary provides related words and more.