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Writing Style

Flush Left (FL) - Text Alignment

Alignment - Flush Left

Your entire document should be aligned with the left margin (flush left). Your text should appear with a straight and even edge on the left side and ill be uneven on the right side. The setting for text alignment can be found in the Paragraph area of on the Home tab in Microsoft Word. Text, such as headings, that need to be centered can be selected individually for formatting.

An APA document will use only the first two options: left-justified and centered. Full-justification (even edges on both sides) while used in advertising and in some articles, is never used in APA style documents.

Alignment of Other Objects in Your Paper

Tables and Figures: When your entire document is left-justified, your tables and figures will automatically be placed correctly along the left margin when they are inserted.

Bulleted or Numbered Lists: Lists that begin on a new line of text should be flush-left, not indented. Bullets and numbers must sit along the left margin. Microsoft Word sometimes adds an automatic indentation which should be removed.

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