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Writing Style

Italics (ital)

Use italics to highlight a word or group of words.

Do not use many italics in your writing. Their overuse can distract your reader.

Four Main Rules for Using Italics
1. Titles of books, periodicals, webpages, and videos.
Jarvis’s Physical Examination and Health Assessment is often used in health assessment courses.

2. Foreign words, phrases, or abbreviations which aren’t common in English, such as Latin medical terms. Once you have used the term or label once, do not italicize it again.
When citing the Quran, provide the number of the surah [chapter] and ayat [verse].
Pleuritis is common in Qatar.

3. When introducing a new, technical, or key term or label . The term or label should only be italicized the first time it is used. Once you have used the term or label once, do not italicize it again.
The term job satisfaction has a variety of meanings. Job satisfaction can relate to interpersonal, intrapersonal, financial, and other factors.

4. In reference list items. More information can be found in the LC guide on "APA Referencing


More Information

See your APA manual, pp. 170-171 (6.22 "Use of Italics")

See your APA manual, pp. 171-172 (6.23 "Reverse Italics")


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