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Information & Academic Literacy

Sample Assignments

Over the years, the Learning Commons team has collaborated with Nursing Faculty to develop a number of activities / assignments that can be used to support the development of different information and academic literacy competencies. At the moment, this document consists of 17 activities / assignments that you could implement within your own course(s). By no means is this an exhaustive list. 

It is meant to be a living document that will continue to grow and evolve with and through continued, engaged collaboration between content and literacy specialists at UCQ.

In this section of the Information and Academic Literacy LCguide, you will find separate tabs for each of the information and academic literacy competencies with a corresponding list of activities that could be used in your class(es) to develop each competency. As well, each activity has been outlined for implementation at different years of the BNRT and PDBN programs. A pdf copy of the document that outlines each activity can be found below.