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Information & Academic Literacy

Information & Academic Literacy

Information and academic literacies are included as competencies in the new curriculum. Therefore, it is important for all faculty, especially those developing the new curriculum to have an understanding of information and academic literacy.

In addition to the definitions of information literacy (IL) and academic literacy (AL) found in this guide, a short video has been prepared by the LC to help further faculty understanding of these concepts.  The video “IL AL Presentation PPT Video March 31, 2020” is available on SharePoint: University of Calgary-Qatar Intranet > Academic > Nursing > Curriculum Implementation 2020 > Academic and Information Literacy.  

LC Support for Faculty

The LC can support faculty in integrating academic and information literacy into courses in several ways. Faculty can

  1. utilize the resources found within this guide during course development;
  2. request feedback from the LC team on course outlines, assessments, and rubrics for appropriate IL and AL integration prior to submission of documents to the curriculum committee; and
  3. receive suggestions of LC resources that can support your course.

If you would like to request a member of the LC team review your course documents for integration of IL and AL or would like to receive suggestions of LC resources for your course, please contact Daniel Forgrave -

To receive LC resource suggestions, please provide the LC team with your approved course documents no less than 3 weeks before the start of your course (preferably as soon as approval from the curriculum committee is received).

Using this Guide 

This guide has been developed to help faculty in both understanding and integrating information and academic literacies into their courses. You will also find detailed information about IL and AL competencies and related attributes by program year as well as ideas for assignments related to these competencies. 


If you have any questions about the information found within this LCguide or did not find the information you were looking for within this guide, please feel free to email Daniel.  Members of the LC are happy to answer questions by email, Zoom meeting if you prefer a call, or face-to-face meeting. 

Daniel –