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Step-by-Step Plan

Avoid extra work by planning and checking your text content before you attempt to design your poster boxes and layout.

A common problem among those who have not made a poster before is to find that additional text must be added and then having to find a place for it on a poster that has already been laid out.

Step by Step Work Plan

  1. Read your assignment instructions and rubric carefully.
  2. Write the text first. Respond to the assignment directive.
  3. Select key messages / most important information.
  4. Review and re-write the text.
  5. Edit for spelling, grammar, and conciseness (cut words).
  6. Decide which information is best presented in figures and tables (not words).
  7. Edit text again – review to eliminate repetition. 
  8. Place markers in text to refer to figures/tables.
  9.  Label each section for reading order (flow).
  10.  Balance size with available space to determine columns and layout.
  11.  Now you are ready to open your Microsoft application (Publisher or Excel).