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Google Images

We suggest that you do not use Google Images to search for images to illustrate your presentations and posters. The reason for this suggestion is that most images found through Google are not free for use and using them would be a violation of copyright law. All images on the internet are governed by copyright law, and it is your responsibility to find the copyright permissions for each image you use.

If you prefer to use Google instead of one of the several excellent databases that the university subscribes to and which provide permission, you would search Google Images as follows:

1. Click on "Tools" once you are in Google Images search bar.

2. Click on "Labeled for noncommercial reuse."

These steps will filter out as many copyrighted images as possible.

3. When you find an image you might use, go to the source website for the image.

4. Look on the source page for information about the copyright license for that image and any author who may need to be cited.

5. If the image is copyrighted by Creative Commons, you may use it. If copyrighted by any other author, you may not use it.

6. Create a copyright statement and references list citation for the image (See the next tab for Clip Art).

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