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Final Checklist

    You are just about finished. Check these tips before sending to your instructor or printer:

  • Check your work for spelling, grammar, and correct use of APA references and citations.
  • Make sure you have correctly referenced your images. This included copyright statements. 
  • If you are working on a Mac laptop, save your poster as a PDF.
  • Check that all your text boxes are ALIGN + LEFT (Crtl + L).
  • Pay attention to the colours you use for headings and background colours.
  • Check that you only used 2-3 colours in your poster.
  • Make sure you make an A3 colour print before sending to the your instructor and then the printer. 
  • For editing your poster, using the overhead in the Learning Lab (Rm G67A-A) might be helpful. (*see Library staff before using this room)
  • Use post-it notes to write any corrections on your A3 print as a final edit.