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Clip Art, Stock Images, Creative Commons

Images found through Microsoft Office applications use "Bing" to search for images online. Make sure you select the option for "Creative Commons Only."  You do not need permission to use images from the Creative Commons, but APA still requires a copyright statement with the image and a citation on your references list (APA, 2019, p. 387).


From Title of Webpage, by A. A. Author, year, Site Name (URL). In the public domain. -- OR -- CC.

(see APA, 2019, pp. 389-391, section 12.8).

Example Copyright Statement

From, by P. Kratochvil, n.d., ( In the public domain.

Example References List Citation

Kratochvil, P. (n.d.). Nurse [Stock image].

(see APA, 2019, p. 346, #98)

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