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The images you present can be tables, graphs, charts, pictures, and photographs.

Two rules to remember are that any image must (a) provide information about your content and (b) follow APA style referencing and formatting.

Whenever possible, we recommend using your own images or royalty-free images from one of the university library databases. You can use your own photographs, and you can create your own tables, graphs, and charts from data that you have collected or found in credible sources.

All tables and figures require a label and title. However, images that are taken from other sources, require an caption that contains a copyright statement and a reference list citation for the source of that image. 

Remember: It is not legal to use commercial images that are for sale unless you pay for them. As a precaution when searching online, always search for Creative Commons Licensed images. These images may be used with payment or permission although they still need a copyright statement.

For more on how locate, format, and cite images correctly, refer to the following LCGuides:  

Royalty-Free: These images can be used for free and without asking for permission. The sources have been grouped here according to whether they require citation and copyright statements for their use.

Royalty-Free, No Citation or Copyright

  • Microsoft Word or PowerPoint: Select "Insert" from the "Home" tab. Use Stock Images, Icons, or 3D models. Do not select Online Pictures as pictures found online will require both citation and copyright statement.
  • Colourbox: This database contains thousands of photographs, icons, and clipart images. The UCQ community is licensed to use these images without citation. A brief attribution under the image stating, Colourbox, is appreciated, however.
  • Clipart Library: These images can be altered and layered with other images. Most are for decorative purposes only so no attribution is required. Be creative! Click here.
  • Click here for more databases

Royalty-Free Images, Citation and Copyright Statement Required 

  • Nursing, medical, and other images from scholarly sources, including those located by CINAHL can be found on this page.
  • Creative Commons Licensed Works: 

Tables and Figures

  • Tables and figures that you have created require only a label and title. Refer to our APA Formatting Guide for how to format them.
  • Tables and figures found online, in journal articles, or in books require both an APA citation and a copyright statement.