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Software Tools

Posters can be made using Microsoft applications Publisher and PowerPoint as well as Adobe InDesign. Choose the app that is most familiar to you, or use a Microsoft app that is supported at UCQ. We prefer Publisher because of its design and alignment tools geared specifically towards larger print documents such as posters. 

Microsoft Publisher allows you to create frames and manipulate images. Other benefits are advanced alignment tools, guide options, poster sizing options, superscript, flexible work area and magnification, and superior grammar and spell checker. When using Excel, documents will need to be edited in Word in order to catch grammatical and other errors. 

If you are familiar with Canva, this video may be helpful to you. It walks you through the steps of using Canva to create scientific posters. Here is a link to Canva's research poster templates.

This video shows you how you can use Powerpoint to create an academic poster. 

A PowerPoint slide you can use to build your poster can be found at the bottom of this screen.
A Publisher slide you can use to build your poster can be found at the bottom of this screen.


Which ever program you, choose, you can find instructional videos on YouTube. The video tutorials below are just two that have been previewed and found to be clear and helpful.

How to use Microsoft Publisher (12-minutes)

Mississippi State University Libraries. (2012, August, 6). Microsoft publisher: Conference poster sessions [Video]. YouTube.


Creating an Academic Poster in the Health Sciences by Dr. Lina Petrakieva (1-Hour)

LDC SHLS GCU. (2016, August 1). Creating posters with Publisher [Video]. YouTube.