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Faculty Publications

2015 Publications

Al Bulushi, A. M. Y. N., & Critchley, K.A. (2015). Evaluation of quality of life instruments in a palliative care context: An integrative literature review. Middle East Journal of Nursing 9(2), 24-30. Available online

Al-Hamad, A., & O’Gorman, L. (2015). Northern Ontario health care priorities: Access to culturally appropriate care for physical and mental health. Available online

Carroll, S. (2015). Book review: The resilient nurse: Empowering your practice. Journal of Educational Thought, 48(1/2), 103-106. Available online

Hickey, J., Hasnani-Samnani, Z., & Ryba, K. (2015). Bridging the theory practice gap: Situated learning as a pedagogical framework for teaching undergraduate nursing students. Journal of Educational Thought, 48(1&2), 25-41​. Available online

Kingston, D., Biringer, A., Toosi, A., Heaman, M., Lasiuk, G., McDonald, S., Kingston, J., Sword, W., Jarema, K., & Austin, M-P. (2015). Disclosure during prenatal mental health screening. Journal of Affective Disorders, 186(2015), 90-94. Available online

Toosi, A., & Hegadoren, K. (2015). Increasing awareness about the benefits of a periconceptional multivitamin containing folic acid among international migrant women. Clinical Health Promotion – Research & Best Practice for Patients, Staff and Community, 5(2), 57-58.​​

Toriida, M-C. (2015). Teaching and learning in the Arab world: A book review. Journal of Educational Thought, 48(1&2), 107-109. ​

Wilbur, K., Hasnani-Samnani, Z., & Kelly, I. (2015). Interprofessional education activity among undergraduate nursing and pharmacy students in the Middle East. Nurse Educator, 40(4), 163-164. Available online

Yasin, Y.  M., & Al-Hamad, A. (2015). Anxiety and depression as key determinants of cancer related fatigue among patients receiving chemotherapy. European Scientific Journal, 11(33), 39-52.​ Available online

Yasin, Y. M., & Bélanger, C. H. (2015). Key determinants of satisfaction among international business students in regional context. International Journal of Business and Management, 10(9), 19-32. Available online

Yassin, K., Rankin, J., & Al-Tawafsheh, A. (2015). The Social Organization of Nurses' Pain Management Work in Qatar. Pain Management Nursing, 16(5), 759-769. Available online