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Faculty Publications

2019 Publications

Al- Hamad, A, Kauppi, C., Montgomery, P., & Virchez, J. (2019). Food security and the health perceptions of women in Ontario. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies, 14(1), 61-82. Available online

​Ali, E., White. D., Raffin, S., & Tough, S. (2019). Single room maternity care model: Unit culture and healthcare team practices. International Journal of Nursing Student Scholarship, 6.

Al Saif, A., Johnson, J., Munir, S., Ammal, K., & Forgrave, D. (2019). Effectiveness of journal clubs in translating knowledge into practice: A literature review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice9(5), 87-94. Available online

​Amery, E., Tweedie, M. G., & Johnson, R. C. (2019). Teaching & learning guide for: Research directions in medical English as lingua franca (MELF). Language and Linguistics Compass13(3), e12312.​ Available online

Jeffs, C., Berenson, C., Dyjur, P., Grant, K. A., Kalu, F., Kenny, N., Mikita, K., Mueller, R., & Mueller, R. (2019). Writing within an academic microculture: Making our practice visible. In N. Simmons, & A. Singh (Eds.), Critical collaborative communities (pp. 171-185). Brill Sense. Available online​​

John, B., Kim, M-Y., Forgrave, D. (2019). Risk factors associated with peristomal skin complications: Integrative literature review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 9(7), 82-93. Available online

Johnson, J., Hasnani-Samnani, Z., Acallar Masaba, A., & Thornton, L. (2019). The growing landscape of elder care in Qatar. Middle East Journal of Nursing, 13(1), 31-35. Available online

Johnson, R. & Tweedie, M. G. (2019). Research report: Benchmarking English language proficiency for university admission. Part I: BANA context. International Language Testing Association Newsletter, 3(1). Available online

Kehyayan, V., & Hirdes, J. P. (2019). Care needs and healthcare burden of persons with epilepsy receiving home care. Journal of Home Health Care Management & Practice, 31(1), 42-50. Available online

Manea, S., Johnson, J., & Wolsey, C. (2019) The influence of nurses job satisfaction on adoption of magnet status within hospitals. International Journal of Healthcare, 5(1), 1-8. Available online

Manokore, V., Rosalia, G., I., Ali, F., Letersky, S., Piadu, I., O., & Palmer-Virgo, L. (2019). Crossing the “ascent to competence" borders into privileged belongingness space: Practical nursing students' experiences in clinical practice. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. 51(2) 94-104. Available online

Mansoori, M. H., Benjamin, K., Ngwakongnwi, E. &, Al Abdulla, S. (2019). Nurses’ perceptions of clinical information system in primary health care centers in Qatar: A cross sectional survey. BMJ Health Care Inform, 26(1), e100030​. Available online

McCarron, T., Moffat, K., Wilkinson, G., Zelinsky, S., Boyd, J., White, D., Hassay, D., Lorenzetti, D., Marlett, N., & Noseworthy, T. (2019). Understanding patient engagement in health system decision-making: A co-designed scoping review. Systemic Reviews, 8(1), 1-10.​ Available online

Saudelli, M. G., Kusch, J., & Carroll, S. (2019). Voices from far away lands: From divergent to convergent. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Stirling, B., Hickey, J., Omar, H., & Kehyayan, V. (2019). Stigma towards mental disorders in Qatar: A qualitative study. QScience Connect, 19(1). Available online

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Tweedie, M. G., & Johnson, R. C. (2019). Research directions in medical English as a lingua franca (MELF). Language and Linguistics Compass, 13(3), e12312.​ Available online

Waigand, A. (2019). Using Turnitin to help students understand plagiarism. Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives, 16(1), 1-12. Available online