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Faculty Publications

2020 Publications

​Abdulwahab, S., Kehyayan, V., & Al-Tawafsheh, A. (2020). Factors influencing nurses’ knowledge and attitudes toward patients in chronic pain with opioid use disorder: A literature review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 10(9), 37-46. Available online

Al-Dahshan, A., Abushaikha, S., Chehab, M., Bala, M., Kehyayan, V., Omer, M., AlMohamed, O., Al-Kubaisi, N., & Selim, N. (2020). Perceived barriers to colorectal cancer screening among eligible adults in Qatar and its predictors: A cross-sectional study. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 22(1), 45-51. Available online

Al-Dahshan, A., Al-Kubiasi, N., Al-Zaidan, M., Saeed, W., Kehyayan, V., & Bougmiza, I. (2020). Prevalence of polypharmacy and the association with non-communicable diseases in Qatari elderly patients attending primary healthcare centers: A cross-sectional study. ​PLOS ONE, 15(8), e0238343. Available online

​Al-Dahshan, A., & Kehyayan, V. (2020). Prevalence and predictors of potentially inappropriate medication prescription among older adults: A cross-sectional study in the State of Qatar. Drugs - Real World Outcomes, 8, 95-103. Available online

Al-Komah, F., Khraim, F., Forgrave, D., & Saabneh, R. (2020). The cultural competence learning needs of migrant nurses: A literature review. International Journal of Healthcare, 6(1), 48-55. Available online

Al-Qahtani, A. H., Stirling, B., & Forgrave, D. (2020). The impact of job satisfaction on nurses’ work lives: A literature review. QScience Connect, 2020(1). Available online

Alshraifeen, A., Al-Rawashdeh, S., Herth, K., Alnuaimi, K., Alzoubi, F., Khraim, F., & Ashour, A. (2020). The association between hope and quality of life in haemodialysis patients. British Journal of Nursing, 29(21), 1260-1265. Available online

Anees, A., Laswi, B., Jassim, E. A., & Johnson. J. (2020). Influence of regular physical exercise on the advanced glycated end products. Research International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health, 1(1), 047-053. Available online

El-Awaisi, A., Awaisu, A., Aboelbaha, S., Abedini, Z., Johnson, J., & AL-Abdulla, S. (2020). Perspectives of healthcare professionals toward interprofessional collaboration in primary care settings. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, 2012(14), 363-379.​ Available online

Enghiad, P., (2020). Clinical leadership development workshops for licensed practical nurses in supported living in Alberta: An exploratory qualitative study. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 11(2), 66-74. ​Available online

​Fatemi, M., Benjamin, K., Johnson, J., & O’Dwyer, R. (2020). Barriers to the implementation of the advanced practice nursing role in primary health care settings: An integrative review. Middle East Journal of Nursing, 14(3), 16-37. Available online

​Iammarinno, C., Johnson, J., Zolezzi, M., & Hasnani Samnanni, Z. (2020) Simulation in mental health interprofessional education. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 10(10), 46-51. Available online

Ibrahim, H., Khraim, F., & Al-Tawafsheh, A. (2020). Adult cancer patients’ barriers toward pain management: A literature review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 10(12), 38-48. ​​Available online

Jassim, E., Johnson, J., Munir, S., & Odwyer, R. (2020). Understating primary health care nurses knowledge towards immunizations: A quantitative study. Journal of Public Health Research, 9(1716), 381-387.​ Available online

Johnson, J., White, D., Ngkwakomi, E, Kareem, A, Roshnuddin, J., Mohamadpour, M., Rizikika, N., Ouatta, R., Shahrour, Y., & Ali, R. (2020). A nursing students’ perspectives on learning math for medication calculations. Nursing Education in Practice, 49(2020), 2-6.

Kehyayan, V., Hammad, S., & Alharahsheh, S. (2020). Stigma and mental illness: insights from the literature and implications. In A. Haque, L. L. Gilstrap, & S. Ghuloum (Eds.), Mental health in Qatar. Challenges and prospects (pp. 279-314). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Khan, A., Johnson, J., & Al Bulushi, A. (2020). Exploring various models of hospice care worldwide that can be used and adapted to the context of Qatar: A review of the literature. International Journal of Healthcare, 6(2), 1-7.​ Available online

Khan, A., Johnson, J., & Forgrave, D. (2020). Hospice care and the Islamic faith: A narrative review. Middle East Journal of Nursing, 6(2), 23-26. Available online

Khraim, F. (2020). Reduction of readmission rate among heart failure patients managed at a nurse practitioner-led clinic. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 19(1_Suppl), S6-S6.​ Available online

Khraim, F., Alhamaydeh, M., Faramand, Z., Saba, S., & Al-Zaiti, S. (2020). A novel non-invasive assessment of cardiac hemodynamics in patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation. Cardiology Research, 11(6), 370-375.​ Available online

MacDonald, C., Benjamin, K., Wolsey, C., & Topping, A. (2020). The experiences of diploma registered nurses returning to undergraduate study in Qatar: A descriptive qualitative study. Nurse Education Today, 91(2020), 104456. Available online

Talal, M., Abdeen, S., & Kehyayan, V. (2020).The first few cases and fatalities of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the eastern Mediterranean region of the World Health Organization: A rapid review. Journal of Infection and Public Health, 13(10), 1367-1372. Available online

​Toriida, M-C., Johnson, R., Heslup, S., Abdul Latif, R., Chiuco, C. F., Hamdeh, A. R., Makinde, S. A., Toufiq, R., & Zadeh, N. (2020). Fostering independent learning amongst English for academic purposes students through exploration of digital tools. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 11(6), 863-880. Available online

Yasin, Y. M., Kerr, M. S., Wong, C. A., & Bélanger, C. H. (2020).Factors affecting nurses' job satisfaction in rural and urban acute care settings: A PRISMA systematic review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 76(4). 963-979. Available online

Zadeh, H., Johnson, J., & Nashwan, A. (2020). The benefits of having oncology nurse navigators with implications for Qatar: A literature review. Middle East Journal of Nursing, 14(1), 17-22. Available online​​