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Faculty Publications

2021 Publications

Alah, M. A., Abdeen, S., Kehyayan, V., & Bougmiza, I. (2021). Impact of staying at home measures during COVID-19 pandemic on the lifestyle of Qatar’s population: Perceived changes in diet, physical activity, and body weight. Preventive Medicine Reports, 24, 101545.​​​ Available online

Alah, M. A., Abdeen, S., Kehyayan, V., & Bougmiza, I. (2021). Impact of COVID-19 related home confinement measures on the lifestyle, body weight, and perceived glycemic control of diabetics. Metabolism Open, 12(2021), 100144.​ Available online

Alah, M. A., Abdeen, S., Kehyayan, V., & Bougmiza, I. (2021). The impact of changes in work arrangements during COVID-19 pandemic on the lifestyle of Qatar's working population. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 64(2), e53-e59.​​ Available online 

Alah, M. A., Alchawa, M., Ahmed, S., Osama, M., Kehyayan, V., & Bougmiza, I. (2021). Death certification status in eastern Mediterranean region: A systematic review. Death Studies, 46(9), 2100-2109. Available online

Al-Dahshan, A., Abushaikha, S., Chehab, M., Bala, M., Kehyayan, V., Omer, M., AlMohamed, O., Al-Kubaisi, N., & Selim, N. ​(2021). Perceived barriers to colorectal cancer screening among eligible adults in Qatar and its predictors: A cross-sectional study. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 22(1), 45-51. Available online

Al-Romaihi, H., Al-Dahshan, A., Kehyayan, V., Shawky, S., Al-Masri, H., Mahadoon, L., Farag, E., & Frazier, T. (2021). Knowledge, attitude, and training of health-care workers and preparedness of hospital emergency departments for the threat of communicable diseases at mass gathering events in Qatar: A cross-sectional study. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. Available online

Bivarchi, A. F., Kehyayan, V., & Al-Kohji, S. M. (2021). Barriers to the early detection and intervention of children with autism spectrum disorders: A literature review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 11(11), 72-80. Available online

Dorri, R. A., Donnelly, T. T., McKiel, E., & Bouchal, S. R., (2021). Knowledge and infant feeding practices' influence on Arab immigrant mother's initiation and exclusive breastfeeding. Middle East Journal of Nursing, 15(3), 3-12.​ Available online

Enghiad, P. (2021). How can learning facilitators and educators support students in clinical placements? Center for Teaching and Learning Newsletter. Issue 6. Available online

Enghiad, P., Venturato, L., & Ewashen, C. (2021). Exploring clinical leadership in long term care: An integrative literature review. Journal of Nursing Management, 2022(30), 90-103. Available online

Hamdan, R., Johnson, J, Fatemi, M., Benjamin, K., & Moosa, A. (2021). Exploring the barriers toward colorectal screening: A literature review. Middle East Journal of Nursing, 15(2), 3-12.​​ Available online

Ibrahim, H., Johnson, J., & Khraim, F. (2021). End of life care: A concept analysis. International Journal of Healthcare, 7(2), 1-6.​ Available online

Kehyayan, V., Hides, J. P., & Chen, J. (2021). Profile of residents with mental disorders in Canadian long-term care facilities: A cross-sectional study. Journal of Long-Term Care, 154–166. Available online

Kehyayan, V., Mahfoud, Z. R., Ghuloum, S., Marji, T., & Al Amin, H. (2021). Internalized stigma in persons with mental illness in Qatar: A cross-sectional study. Frontiers in Public Health, 9, 685003.​​ Available online

​Yasin, Y. M., & Kennedy, D. (2021). Using online simulation to replace clinical practice during COVID-19. JOJ Nursing and Health Care, 12(1), 555830. Available online

Yasin, Y. M., Kerr, M. S., Wong, C. A., & Bélanger, C. H. (2021). Development and testing of an acute care nurses’ job satisfaction scale (ACNJSS). Journal of Nursing Measurement29(2), 254-268.​ Available online