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Faculty Publications

2018 Publications

Abid, G., Kehyayan, V., & Johnson, J. (2018). Depression screening in cancer patients: A Narrative Review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 8(11), 11-15. Available online

Abdulla Ali, R., Bejamin, K., Munir, S., & Othman Saleh Ahmed, N. S., (2018). A review of informatics competencies tools for nurses and nurse managers.Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics 13(1). Available online

Abulqassemi, S. B., & Johnson, J. (2018). The lived experiences of smokers with lung cancer in Qatar. Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference Proceedings, 2018(4), SSAHPD747. Available online

Al- Hamad, A, Kauppi, C., Montgomery, P., & Virchez, J. (2018). Food insecurity and women’s health in Canada: Does northern and southern Ontario residency matter? The International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society, 9(1), 1-18. Available online

Al-Marri, A. & Kehyayan, V. (2018) Nurses’ lived experience serving on unit-based councils: A literature review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 8(12), 21-28. Available online

Anil, R., Kehyayan, V., & Johnson, J. (2018) Patient and family management of mucositis in children and adolescents with acute lymphoblastic leukemia undergoing chemotherapy in Qatar: A narrative review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 8(8), 1-5. Available online​ 

​Arbabi, H., Johnson, J., & Forgrave, D. (2018) The effect of preceptorship on nurses' training and preparation with implications for Qatar: A Literature Review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 8(9), 44-50. Available online

Dorri, R. A. (2018). Breastfeeding practices among Arab mothers in Calgary with a focus on exclusive breastfeeding: A qualitative inquiry. [Master's thesis, University of Calgary]. University of Calgary Digital Archive. Available online

Kalu, F. U., & Dyjur, P. (2018). Creating a culture of continuous assessment to improve student learning through curriculum review. New Directions for Teaching and Learning155, 47-54. Available online

Kalu, F., Dyjur, P., Berenson, C., Grant, K. A, Jeffs, C., Kenny, N., & Mueller, P.(2018). Seven voices, seven developers, seven one things that guide our practice. To Improve the Academy, 37(1),111-127. Available online

Kashkoei, S. B., Johnson, J., Rankin, J., & Johnson, R. (2018). The lived experiences of smokers with lung cancer. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 8(11), 75-82. Available online

Kehyayan, V., & Hirdes, J. P. (2018). Profile and burden of persons with epilepsy in home care settings in Canada. Journal of Home Health Care Management & Practice, 30(4), 155 -163. Available online

Morris, J. N., Declercq, A., Hirdes, J. P., Finne-Soveri, H., Fries, B. E., Geffen, L, James, M. L., Kehyayan, V., Saks, K., Szczerbinska, K., & Topinkova, E. (2018). Hearing the voice of the resident in long term care facilities – An internationally based approach to assessing quality of life. Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine (JAMDA), 19(3), 207-215. Available online

Toriida, M-C. M., (2018). Working with vocabulary cards in the classroom. PUPIL: International Journal of Teaching, Education and Learning, 2(3), 120-132. Available online

Tweedie, M. G., & Johnson, R.C. (2018). Listening instruction for ESP: Exploring nursing education where English is a lingua franca​. In J. Siegel, & A. Burns (Eds.), International perspectives on teaching the four skills in ELT (pp. 65-77). Palgrave. ​ Available online

Yadegari, M., Rankin, J., & Johnson, J. (2018) Nurses communication with dying children and their families in pediatric oncology: A literature review. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 9(2), 37-42. Available online

Zawahreh, A., Rankin, J., Abu Jaber, A., & Nashwan, A. J. (2018). What are the challenges and facilitators for implementing a 24-hour telephone cancer service in Qatar? A literature review. Telemedicine and e-Health, 25(8), 678-685. Available online