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Faculty Publications

2022 Publications

Al-Dahshan, A., Selim, N., Al-Kubaisi, N., Mahfoud, Z., & Kehyayan, V. (2022). Primary care physicians’ knowledge of travel vaccine and malaria chemoprophylaxis and associated predictors in Qatar. PloS one, 17(3), e0265953.​ Available online

Chaabna, N., Mahfoud, Z. R., Letourneau, N., Forgrave, D., & White, D. (2022). Muslim women's attitudes toward infant feeding in Qatar: An exploration using the Iowa infant feeding scale. Midwifery, 114(2022), 103470. Available online

​Ghuloum, S., Mahfoud, Z. R., Al-Amin, H., Marji, T., & Kehyayan, V.​ (2022). Healthcare professionals' attitudes toward patients with mental illness: A cross-sectional study in Qatar. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 13, 884947. Available online

Johnson, J., Al Bulushi, A., Idris, Z., Essa, Z., & Hassan, A. (in press). The experience of palliative care nurses during the time of COVID 19: A qualitative study. International Journal of Nursing Research.

Johnson, J., Khraim, F., Wolsey, C., & Hasnani-Samnani, Z. (in press). The influence of health literacy in (mis)communication & comprehension of medical english. In G. Tweedie, & R. Johnson (Eds.), Perspectives on medical English as a lingua franca. Cambridge Scholars​.

Mohamed, N., Johnson, J., Al Mutawa, M., & Forgrave, D. (2022). Factors affecting the promotion of back care practices among nurses working in long term care settings: An integrative review. Middle East Journal of Nursing, 16(2), 22-31. Available online

Munir, S., Johnson, J., Smith, A., Odwyer, R., Masaba, A.,  Elawad, K., Ahmad, S., Abdulla, E., & Al Qudah, M. M. (2022). Assessing nurse’s attitudes and practice after participating in a vaccination training program: A quantitative study. Middle East Journal of Nursing, 16(2), 3-15. Available online