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Faculty Publications

Ongoing Research

As the many publications under "UCQ Community Publications" show, the UCQ community has continuously, actively engaged in research and publication. This is no less true today.

Current research projects involving members of the UCQ community are listed below. 

Project Title Lead Principal Investigator

Arabic Translation, Cultural Adaptation, and Pilot Testing of Chronic Disease Self-Efficacy and Self-Management Scales Among Patients with Multiple Chronic Diseases at a Primary Health Care Clinic in Qatar: Cross-Sectional Correlational Study 

Dr. Fadi Khraim
Assessing Health Literacy Among Healthcare Professionals and Parents of Children who Attend the Movement and Muscle Disorder Clinic in Sidra Medicine: A Convergent Parallel Design  Dr. Jessie Johnson
Validation of Acute Care Nurses’ Job Satisfaction Scale for Nurses Working in Qatar Dr. Fadi Khraim
Nursing Educators’ Experiences in Implementing Concept-Based Teaching in the Transnational Context: A Descriptive Interpretive Study Dr. Fadi Khraim
Exploring UCQ Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Academic and Clinical Integrity Faisa Farah
Developing Clinical Performance Exemplars to Facilitate the Evaluation of Nursing Students at the University of Calgary in Qatar Lida Larson
Investigating Undergraduate Nursing Student’ Perception of Active Learning Strategies Dr. Frances Kalu
Development of an Innovative and Culturally Relevant Introductory Interprofessional Education Module for Undergraduate Nursing Students Dr. Deborah White
Translating and Culturally Adapting the Palliative Outcome Scale to Arabic, Hamad Medical Corporation Doha Qatar Dr. Jessie Johnson
English Language (Mis)Communication in Interprofessional Teams: Implications for Patient Safety and Oral Language Instruction Dr. Jessie Johnson