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Faculty Publications

2016 Publications

Perks, T., Orr, D., & Alomari, E. (2016). Classroom re-design to facilitate student learning: A Case study of changes to a university classroom. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 16(1), 53-68.​ Available online

Shimoda, J., Toriida, M-C., & Kay, W. (2016) Improving learning outcomes: Creating and implementing a specialized corpus. Perspective, 24(1), 22-28.​ Available online

Toosi, A., Richter, S., & Woytowich, B. (2016). Theoretical perspectives on issues and interventions related to migrant re-settlement in Canada. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 28(3), 230-235. Available online

Toriida, M-C. (2016). Steps for creating a specialized corpus and developing an annotated frequency-based vocabulary list. TESOL Canada Journal34(11), 87-105. ​​