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APA Formatting

How to format your assignment in APA style

References Page

When you paraphrase or quote information or use an image from any source, you must reference the source in two places: in your text as a citation and in the references list that begins on the first page after your conclusion.


After the last page of writing in your assignment, include a new page for your references list (see image below).

List the references in alphabetical order according to the family name of the first author listed in each reference.

Use double-spacing throughout the references list. The video at this link shows you the spacing settings you need in your entire assignment, including the references list.

Use hanging indentation with each reference. This means that the first line of each reference is all the way to the left margin while the other lines are indented. Use the "special" drop-down menu in the "paragraph" tab to set hanging indents.

For instructions on how to set up your references page, please see the handout, "APA (7th ed.) Format and Referencing," (pp. 3, 5).

Please refer to our guide on APA Referencing for more information on the format of different types of sources.



Watch this 6-minute video about formatting a reference list in APA 7th edition format.

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