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APA Formatting

How to format your assignment in APA style


When you are writing a paper, there may be times when you would like to include additional material that would be distracting in the body of your paper and disrupt your reader’s attention. This may include information such as large tables and figures or text that is not directly about the main topic of your paper. This type of information can be given in an appendix.

Appendices should be 

  • relatively brief,
  • on individual pages (i.e., each appendix begins on a new page),
  • labeled Appendix A, Appendix B, etc. (only label them as tables and figures if they are not the only Information in the appendix),
  • written with the first line of each paragraph indented as in the body of your paper.

You need to consider the following: necessity; relation to text; citation; integrity and independence; and organization, consistency, and coherence. These topics are covered individually in the tabs on the left side of this screen.

Appendices will be the last information in any document. They come after your references and any other supplemental material.


Watch this 15-minute video about formatting appendices according to APA 7th edition.

Click here or on the image to access the video in D2L