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Citation Management

How to store and reuse your citations?

Citation Management Tools

Several citation management systems make it easier to organize your many articles than without. They also help you cite in your paper with ease, but you need to know what is out there. Choose, then learn the tool.

Based on a few categories, begin to review the choices available. Then you can invest some time in learning your preferred citation management system.

Category Zotero Endnote Mendeley Easy BIB;
Free Yes Limit* YesYes Limit*
Space 300MB 2GB 2GB Limit*
Group Sharing Yes Limit* Limit* Limit*

∗"Limits" means there is more information in this category for this product. You will need to assess for yourself. Suggestion: Click here to find more information

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If you require assistance on which to choose and/or what to do next, come to the Learning Commons and/or send an email to us.