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Citation Management

How to store and reuse your citations?

Using Folders

Folders are used to categorize and organize references. Folders are displayed in the left-hand panel of your Mendeley Library. Some folders will always be present in the Mendeley Library:

  • All Documents: All references in your library.
  • Recently Added: References recently added to your library will remain in this folder for 3 weeks.
  • Recently Read: PDF files that you have recently opened.
  • Favorites: References that you have starred.
  • Needs Review: Imported references that require attention.  References in this folder will automatically be removed once they have been reviewed.
  • My Publications: Add references that you have authored in this folder.  References in this folder will be displayed in your online Mendeley profile.
  • Unsorted: References not in a folder.
Adding Folders

Create your own folders and subfolders to organize your references. 

  1. Click on the “Add folder” button to create a new folder . A folder will be created within folder whatever you are currently viewing.
    • If you add a folder while viewing “All Documents”, it will create a new top-level folder.
    • If you add a folder while viewing a top-level folder, it will create a subfolder. 
Removing Folders
  1. Click on the “Remove folder” button to remove the folder you are currently viewing.

Note: Even if you delete a folder, all the files in that folder will still be available in “All Documents”.

Sync Web and Desktop Application
  • Click on the “Sync” button to make Mendeley to perform a sync.  Syncing will ensure that any changes made in the desktop application will be reflected in the web application. 
  • Note: You should sync frequently in order to ensure that your most recent changes are saved to the cloud.


Organizing My Library by Mendeley (3 minutes)