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Citation Management

How to store and reuse your citations?

What is a citation management System?

A citation management system is a software application designed to make your referencing easier!

A citation management system can offers great features like:

  • save your reference
  • organize your references
  • insert or format citations in your paper
  • create bibliography
  • search and import resources from library
  • share and collaborate with your supervisor or colleagues
  • discover and keep updated with the latest development

Based on a few categories, let us review the choices available. Then you can invest some time in learning your preferred citation management system.

Category Zotero Endnote EndNote online with WoS Mendeley
Vendor Open Source Clarivate Clarivate Elsevier
Free Yes (extra cost for upgraded storage) Discounted price for UCalgary community Access through Web of science subscription. Yes (extra cost for upgraded storage)
File Storage capacity 300MB Unlimited 2GB 2GB
Word Processor Capability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes

Additional links for comparison of citation management tools:

If you require assistance on which to choose and/or what to do next, come to the Learning Commons and/or send an email to us.