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Citation Management

How to store and reuse your citations?

Manage Citations / References in Word

Inserting citations

Mendeley plugin in MS word support two ways to add citations and references.

First Method

  • Go to Reference tab in the MS word document
  • Click "Insert Citations".
  • In the search bar, look for the reference you want to insert in your work.
  • Choose the required citation and click on OK
  • The selected citation will be added in to your document.

Second Method

  • Go to Reference tab in the MS word document
  • Click "Insert Citations".
  • Click on Go to Mendeley button. This will open the Mendeley desktop
  • Select the required reference from your Mendeley library
  • Click on the Cite from the Mendeley desktop tool bar.

Editing citations

To  delete or edit an in-text citation added through mendeley,

  • Click on the citation to be edited
  • The "insert citation" button on toolbar now will change to "Edit citation". Click on the edit citation.
  • A new text box will appear with the citation information.
  • Click on "suppress author" name checkbox.
  • If you would like to add a page number, provide the information in the page text box.

Merging citations

Often you will be referring to multiple sources in one sentence , hence would require multiple citation. In order to draw individual citations, entered through mendeley ,into one bracket, we need to merge them all.

  • Click and highlight all citations
  • The "insert citation" button on toolbar now will change to "Merge citation". Click on the merge citation.
  • Now all citation will be merged.

Removing Field Codes

What is field codes?

Field codes are some hidden coding entered into a word document by Mendeley. Field codes allow Mendeley to format cutation and referneces in your document. When field codes removed, all citations and references are saved as text.

Should I remove field codes?

It is recommended to remove the field codes before you share the document with someone who may be not familiar or not using mendeley. It is due to the incompatibility word processor and citation software. Furthermore, some publishers demand to remove field code before submitting manuscript.

How do I remove the field codes?

To remove field codes from a word document,

  • Click on the Reference tab
  • Under Mendeley Cite-O-matic, click on Export as
  • Click on Without Mendeley fields
  • Select the appropriate location to export the file
  • Type in file name and click on Save.

Insert Reference

To add reference for your citations,

  • Place your cursor in the beginning of your reference section.
  • Click on Insert Bibliography.
  • The reference for all your citation gets populated.

CAUTION: It is important that you always cross check the citations and reference inserted using Mendeley. Being Mendeley as a software, there may some inaccuracies.