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D2L Help

This guide is intended for helping faculties with setting up and maintaining their D2L Course.


The D2L Dropbox folder is an assignment submission folder where students upload completed assignments such as document, graphic, audio, and video, files. A separate Dropbox folder is required for each assessment item submission.  Each Dropbox needs to be associated with Gradebook assessment items in order to transfer grades assigned in the Dropbox to Gradebook.

How to Setup a Dropbox?

  1. In the Navigation Bar, click Assessments.
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Dropbox.
  3. Click New Folder.
  4. Enter Name in the Name Field.
  5. Add brief Instructions in the Instruction Field(optional).
  6.  Click Add Attachment to include full assignment details(optional).
  7. Under Assignment Type, choose either Individual Submission or Group Submission.
  8. Choose Submission Type(Recommended: File submission).
  9. Select Unlimited for Files allowed per submissions
  10. The Score Out of value must match the Max Points value assigned to that assessment item in Gradebook.
  11. Select the corresponding Grade Item from the dropdown menu under the Grade Item. ( Refer to "How to Create a Grade Item").
  12. Click on Save and Close.  

More information

 Refer to the following link to access print and video guides for setting up your course Dropbox: "How to Setup D2l Dropbox"