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D2L Help

This guide is intended for helping faculties with setting up and maintaining their D2L Course.


There are multiple ways to send emails to users (e.g. Instructors, Students, TA’s, etc.) who are enrolled in your D2L course. 

  How to Send an Email to All Users?

  1.  Go to the D2L course that you wish to send the email from. 
  2. Click on Communication on the navigation bar, then select Classlist / Email
  3. Click on the Email Classlist button.
  4. Click on the blue Send Email button.
  5. Enter the Subject. By default, it will show your D2L course name. Compose your message in the Body field. In the To field, you may manually enter your email address, but it is not necessary, as the system will by default send a copy of the message to your email inbox.
  6. Click the Send button when done.