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UCQ Master of Nursing Theses

Master students' thesis topics by class

Graduates of 2020

Abdallah, H. M. (2020). Adult cancer patients’ barriers toward pain management: A literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Abdo, S. A. (2020). Nurses’ knowledge and attitude toward patients in chronic pain with opioid use disorder: A literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Ahmed, F. S. (2020). Chronic disease patients’ related barriers and facilitators of telehealth implementation. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Al Tamimi, M. A. K. M. (2020). Barriers faced by home care nurses who care for the elderly: A review of the literature. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Daryaee, M. A. (2020). The use of web-based interventions by caregivers of children with cancer: An integrative literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

El Ansari, H. M. (2020). Developing a continuing professional development workshop for nurses to differentiate, delirium, dementia and depression among older adults. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Eloreidi, R. (2020). Support groups for caregivers with cerebral palsy children: Literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Jassim, E. (2020). Understating primary health care nurses knowledge towards immunizations: A quantitative study. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Khan, A. N. M. (2020). Exploring various models of hospice care worldwide that can be used and adapted to the context of Qatar: A review of the literature. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Zadeh, H. (2020). The benefits of having oncology nurse navigators with implications for qatar: A literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]