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UCQ Master of Nursing Theses

Master students' thesis topics by class

Our Graduates of 2018

Al-Harbi, A. M. S. (2018). Simulation activities at Hamad Medical Corporation: A survey questionnaire proposal. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Al-Marri, A. H. R. N. (2018). Nurses' lived experience of shared governance with the medical units of Hamad General Hospital: A literature review and proposal for qualitative study. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Al-Keldi, S. M. A. (2018). Identifying barriers to HPV vaccine and self-sample screening: An integrative literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Al-Qahtani, A. H. S. (2018). A review of studies that used the MMSS job satisfaction tool with nursing population and considered other work-life outcome. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Alrwaihi, S. K. S. A. (2018). Interdisciplinary Shared Governance: A proposal of a model for pilot implementation. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Arbabi, H. M. (2018). Models of preceptorship currently being used in the training of novice nurses in PHCC. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Kashkoei, S. B. A. (2018). The lived experiences of smokers with lung cancer: Descriptive phenomenology. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

John, B. (2018). Risk Factors associated with peristomal skin complications: An integrative literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Mansoori, M. H. (2018). Nurses' perceptions of the electronic clinical information system in Primary Health Care Centers. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Saadan, E. M. K. (2018). The effects of cervical cancer treatment on patients' sexuality: An integrative literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Saeed, S. M. H. N. (2018). Nurse dissatisfaction with the uptake of magnet status. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Shehada, W. N. A. (2018). Support groups for women with breast cancer: An integrative literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Takhti, P. G. (2018). Factors influencing attendance and re-attendance to mobile mammograpy. [Unpublished Master Thesis]