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UCQ Master of Nursing Theses

Master students' thesis topics by class

Our Graduates of 2016

Abidullah Muhammad, G. (2016). Depression screening in cancer patients: An integrative review of screening instruments. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Al-Qahtani, S. A. (2016). Patient Satisfaction with an Interprofessional Approach to Wound Care in Qatar. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Alsaadi, W. (2016). A Hermeneutic Interpretation of Nurses’ Experiences of Truth Telling and Harms in Cancer Care. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Awad Alsaadi, W. (2016). A hermeneutic interpretation of nurses' experiences of truth telling and harms in cancer. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Azmi Elayyan, M. (2016). Factors affecting the empathetic behaviors of healthcare professionals towards patients: An integrative literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Muha, A. (2016). Effects of exercise on breast cancer-related lymphedema in women: An integrative review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Vijayakumar, S. (2016). Effects of exercise on cancer related fatigue in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis. [Unpublished Master Thesis]