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UCQ Master of Nursing Theses

Master students' thesis topics by class

Our Graduates of 2017

Abu Afifeh, M. I. (2017). Stigmatization of cancer and its impact on patients with lung and breast cancer: An integrative literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Abdulla, S. M. H. (2017). Measurement of outcomes used by shared governance. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Abdulla Ali, R. (2017). Informatics competencies for nurses and nursing managers: An analysis of published tools. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Ali Al-Alshwal, N. (2017). Cardiac rehabilitation programs: An investigation into the reasons for non-attendance. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Anil, R. (2017). Developing and validating educational guides for patients and families for the management of mucocytosis in children and adolescents with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Azmatullah, F. (2017). Literature review: The needs of breast cancer survivors after completion of primary treatment. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Jama, A. A. (2017). Cancer patients' needs post colorectal surgery: An integrative review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Makhoul W. A. M. (2017). The impact of rehabilitation on adults with cognitive and physical impairments following treatment for primary brain tumors: A screening study. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Mohamed, M. L. (2017). The impact of blood glucose control on surgical site infection in cancer patients: A literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Yadegari, M. M. (2017). What are the topics that support nurses' communication with dying children and their families?: An integrative literature review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]

Zawahreh, A. I. (2017). Challenges and facilitators for implementing 24 hours telephone cancer services: An integrative review. [Unpublished Master Thesis]