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Code begins with W

WC          Word choice error

The idea that this word expresses does not make sense in the context of this sentence, or the word is inappropriate in some other way (bias, slang, jargon, etc.). Be careful with Microsoft Word’s spell checker and synonym replacements; avoid translation apps.

Example with Error: Choosing to cover or hide a medication error is totally wrong in nursing practice.
Example with Correction: Choosing to cover or hide a medication error is unacceptable in nursing practice.

For more, see our LCGuide.

WF          Word form

Most errors occur when using a noun instead of a verb, a verb instead of a noun, or an adverb instead of an adjective. Make sure your Subject-Verb-Object clause is Noun-Verb-Noun.

Example with Error: We want to be success in this project.
Example with Correction: We want to be successful in this project..

For more, see our LCGuide.