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Codes: ? = ~ ^

?          Doesn't make sense; confusing          

This sentence is confusing to the reader. This is a common error and usually a result of not paraphrasing correctly. Try re-writing and pay attention to subject, verb, and object in your sentence.

Example with Error: That gained result is significant to impact patients’ outcomes positively and to be as a valuable data that answering the individual and others concerns.

=          Parallel structure

When you have a list of two or more items in a sentence, each item needs to have the same structure.

Example with Error: I want to study, learn, and making many friends.
Example with Correction: I want to study, learn, and make many friends.

For more, see our LCGuide.

~          Word order

The order of words determines the meaning of a sentence, so a word in the wrong place can change or confuse your intended meaning. The most common mistakes with word order are with adverbs (modifying words or phrases around verbs).

Example with Error: I usually do not focus on mistakes.
Example with Correction: I do not usually focus on mistakes.

For more, see our LCGuide.

^          Insert a word

Adding a word here would make your meaning clearer.

Example with Error: He wants leave now.
Example with Correction: He wants to leave now.