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Codes begin with C

CAP          Capitalization

An upper case (capital) letter is required. Capitalize proper names and the first letter in a sentence. APA has many different rules for capitalization, especially for references (see APA pp. 101-104).

Example with Error: Hamad medical corporation funded the project.
Example with Correction: Hamad Medical Corporation funded the project.

For more, see our LCGuide.

cont          Contraction (do not use)

Contractions are very informal, so they should not be used in any of your academic writing.

Example with Error: You shouldn’t use contractions in academic writing.
Example with Correction: You should not use contractions in academic writing.

For more, see our LCGuide.

cou          Count noun / Non-count noun

Most nouns identify things that can be counted (patients, studies). Count nouns use an “s” ending to indicate plural form. Some nouns identify things that cannot be counted (research, literature). Non-count nouns do not use a plural ending.

Example with Error: The authors have done researches in this area.
Example with Correction: The authors have done research in this area.

For more, see our LCGuide.