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Motivation and Procrastination

Motivation and Procrastination 

  1. Plan every day in advance.
  2. Before you begin work on a list of tasks, take a few moments to organize them by value and priority so you can be sure of working on your most important activities.
  3. Have everything you need before you start. Assemble all the papers, information, tools, work materials, and numbers you might require so that you can get started and keep going.
  4. Determine the main constraints that are stopping you from studying and focus on alleviating them. These constraints can be internal or external.
  5. Create an earlier deadline and put pressure on yourself to complete all major tasks at least one week before your actual due date.
  6. Identify your periods of highest mental and physical energy each day, and structure your most important and demanding tasks around these times. 
  7. Motivate yourself and be your own cheerleader. Look for the good in every situation. Focus on the solution rather than the problem. Always be optimistic and constructive
  8. Break large, complex tasks into smaller ones, and then do just one small part of the task to get started.
  9. Set clear priorities, start immediately on your most important task, and then work without stopping until the job is 100% complete. This is the real key to high performance and maximum personal productivity.

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