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Exams and Study Skills

Test taking strategies

Multiple-Choice Exam Strategies

Here are a few tips for taking a multiple choice exam.

  1. Multiple-choice exams usually have four choices; of these, two are usually false.
  2. If there is a word or term you have not heard or studied in class before, chances are that is not the answer.
  3. Scan the question first, then try to predict the answer without looking at the possible answers. Then check the possible answers to see if your prediction matches any of the choices.
  4. Underline key words.
  5. Look over your exam and see if the answers are in other questions.
  6. Sentences that have answers that use words like always, never, all, and must are usually incorrect.
  7. Sentences that have answers that use words like seldom, generally, tend to, and probably, are often correct.
  8. In an exam that offers four multiple choice answers (a, b, c, and d), a choice that combines two answers (is often correct).

         Example: When fossil fuels (petrol/oil) are burned, they produce

         a) heat

         b) pollution

         c) natural gas

         d) Both a and b (correct)                 

This link and video give some hints on answering multiple-choice questions.