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Exams and Study Skills

Test taking strategies

From First Day of Class

Before Exam Period

1. Take lecture notes and review them after class. Use a column method such as the Cornel method, and use one column for key terms and questions, and the other column for information from the lecture or reading.

2. Read before your lectures, and take notes and ask questions

3. Make connections to relate new material to previous learning.

4. Write questions from course readings to focus your attention in upcoming lectures. 

Go to each lecture with one to three questions prepared ahead of time. These questions will arise from the readings or from your summary and reflections from the prior lecture. Make sure you write these questions down in your notes. Listen for the answer to your questions in the lecture. If your question is not answered in the lecture, make sure you ask your instructor during question period.

5. Schedule regular reviews of your lecture notes and questions for 10-15 minutes during the rest of the course.